Long Time No See…

Posted: October 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

So… it’s been awhile. Like many others I’ve been so consumed with everyday life that I’ve been distracted and neglected some of the things that I love the most. Writing being one of those. But I’m back now to discuss some of the well publicized situations that our country (the USA) has before us at the moment.  Ok.. let’s jump right into it. First and utmost I have one question, “what the fuck is wrong with people?”. As in mankind as a whole… Have we become so numb to common sense and originality that we numbly wander the internet parroting others opinions because we’re too lazy to have our own?

We’ve gone from lions tigers and bears to memes likes and shares. Like others I enjoy interacting with people from all over the world via Twitter, IG or Snapchat, but at what cost? I don’t personally care for Facebook but that’s an entirely different reasoning for an entirely different post.  These platforms were created to entertain but for many they’ve turned into a lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s based on perceptions and false senses of security. Some post for reactions, others post for satisfaction.  Whatever your reasoning we must find a way of balancing those distractions.

And then there was Trump… The ring leader of all internet circus clowns. I remember back in 2009 or so when Twitter was really poppin and the term ‘twitter gangsta’ was never more evident. Well, if there ever was a true definition for the term it would simply read TRUMP. Wait… before you tune out and start that “oh here goes another liberal” bullshit, peep game!  I for one have no dog in a political system that continues to divide the country.  As far as I’m concerned fuck democrats and republicans and their sheepish followers, too. They’re just groups who further divide us, and those divisions are what those who have caused them depend upon to remain in power. A country united is a politicians worst nightmare. We use terms like liberal, conservative, progressive, bible belt, far right, far left, tea party, moderate, alt right and my new favorite the alt left… Really? Too many titles and not enough substance. It’s not only ironic but a direct reflection of where we stand as a world that the 3rd class party would be considered INDEPENDENT.

Now back to the internet and where it all ties in.  The genius of social media is the cherry picking of free speech. Online people follow pages that reflect their views and block those who have differing opinions. All from the comfy of their couch because in person many of these same people have no views and kiss the ass of those same people they’d block online.  SOCIAL MEDIA, meaning we socially determine which media we follow. Hence the reason that we as a world are so divided on social issues. A Christian reads the bible and a Muslim reads the Quran.  They both believe in God but at the same time they both interpret S/HE in a way that reflects their personal beliefs only.

The time has come for all people to start taking responsibility for their role in the divide in this country.  I know that I as a black man haven’t always helped in this matter.  I too am very much still a work in progress when it comes to trying to relate to those who have refused to relate to my people’s struggles.  My people’s struggles… clearly I’m referring to other African-Americans when in this day and age “my people” should simply refer to all human kind.  Unfortunately though, I too am a product of social conditioning.  We as a society have been socially conditioned over time to categorize each other because of our differences rather than capitalize from them.

Black, white (whatever that may be), Latino, Christian, Muslim etc…, the time is now for forward thinking. For new leaders. For originality.  For compassion. For independence. For Love. And last but not least For Rebellion.. of the same ole’ lazy sheepish divisive thinking that continues to fuel the world-wide web today.

– Devin W. Simpson aka TruthDonor


What Women Think They Want

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Women, ahh one of my favorite topics.  As unstable as they may be what on earth would man do without them?  Women like to commonly use the term “A real man would” as if they’ve ever been a real man who’s had to deal with their confusion.  Ok, so let us look into a few scenarios where the ladies have mistaken what is right for what is right now.

Monogamy:  Women claim to despise men who cheat yet they continue to sleep with men who are in relationships with other women?!  Yup, that makes perfect sense ladies.  And of course I’m not saying that all women are home-wreckers.  I’m just saying that its human nature to not show alliance to someone (meaning his other half) if you’ve never met her.  I get that.  But don’t then claim that a real man would never cheat on his woman.  Because if that’s the case then ‘you’ a real woman wouldn’t open her legs unless she was in a defined relationship, right?  Wrong.  “Real people” nowadays don’t take their time to get to know each other anymore, they leap in head first, then claim that they’ve been dogged when things don’t work out.  Which 9 times out of 10 things won’t work out.  TAKE NOTES:  Ladies, a man is going to test your loyalty, and then determine exactly what he can or can not get away with.  So in all actuality the way that you’re treated is 100% under your control.  Act like a lady and you’ll be treated according.  Act like a hoe and you’ll be treated accordingly.  If you want to thug, well guess what?  Thugs cheat!  It’s part of the image, right?  QUIZZ: Who’s your favorite rapper?  The odds are he’s talking about how many bitches he has on one track, then professing his love to his one and only two tracks later.  But this in the man who you’d wait hours in line to get tickets to see, and give your left breast to have a chance to spend the night with.  Oh well, I guess his supposed one and only would just be assed out that night huh?!  Ladies, all I’m saying is, be sure to judge (us) men by the same standards you hold yourself to (honestly).   

Financial Status:  This one tickles my bones because when it comes to money often times the kats who claim to have the most have the exact opposite.  They ass broke.  Ladies, IF your attraction for a dude solely revolves around how much money you assume that he has you’ve made yourself the easiest target there is.  FOR EXAMPLE:  When people go out to a club on the weekend they don’t show up wearing their least attractive get up.  They go through their closet and put something together that has “I’M PAID!!” written all over it.  It’s a costume, a portrayal of what he needs you to see in order to get the reaction he desires.  Followed by flashing a little cash, buying a few drinks, then BAM!! you’re hooked like a large mouth ass (I mean bass).  It’s as simple as that…  My friends and I used to have a saying.  “The only rule when it comes to lying to women in the club is to make sure that your boys know the lies you’ve told”.  You know, just in case they’re needed to cosign the story later.  So be afraid ladies, be very afraid when it comes to perceptions.